More than 45 years dedicated to outdoor lighting…

Estilo2 is a spanish company established in Madrid with nearly half a century of experience in the field of outdoor lighting for public spaces.

Focused on decorative public lighting of classical style in the beginning, Estilo2 has been evolving incorporating new lines of product of contemporary and functional design, without losing the decorative, elegant and exclusive character of the firm.

Singular luminaires for the lighting of urban roads, residential areas, parks, promenades and pedestrian zones, luminaires that are integrated with fluidity and harmony in the different urban landscapes.

Our luminaires incorporate the latest advances to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and efficiency. Hight quality luminaires of great robustness, with high light levels and energy savings.

Many of our products have come from close collaboration with our clients, always with their needs and ideas as our goal.

We can help you make your project a reality.

In the 70´s

Opening of our first store and warehouse.

Specialized in classic style decorative lighting, especially for homes and gardens, as well as urban furniture.

In the 80´s

Growth and development of the classic line of public lighting.

Attendance at the TEM fair in Madrid.

Pioneers in the internationalization of the company, at the end of the 80s, Estilo2 was already established in Eastern Europe and Asia, manufacturing part of its products.

The first contacts and supplies are made to countries in Central America.

In the 90´s

Transfer to new facilities and consolidation of the company as a benchmark in classic public lighting in Spain.

Estilo2 ceases its line of lighting for homes and private gardens as well as its line of urban furniture, thus focusing all its efforts on public lighting.

The markets of America are consolidated and new markets are opened in North Africa.


Estilo2 expands its catalog with the development of the contemporary design line for public lighting.

In this period, it is worth highlighting the choice of several Estilo2 models for the works undertaken on the main roads of the city of Zaragoza on the occasion of the Expo 2008 ZH2O.

2010-to present

Estilo2 develops the line of LED luminaires, currently having one of the broadest catalogs on the market of functional, urban and decorative street lighting luminaires.

During this period, Estilo2 moved to new facilities with more than 6,000 m2

Continuing with its international vocation, Estilo2 develops its presence in countless countries, carrying out projects of great relevance.

2012 Estilo2 sponsor of the 1st Symposium on LED Lighting in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

2014 Inauguration of the new Estilo2 facilities in Pinto, Madrid, Spain.

2016 MATELEC Madrid, Spain

2016 INTERLIGHT Moscow, Russia.

2018 LIGHT & BUILDING Frankfurt, Germany.

Estilo2 design and manufacture of public lighting