Luminary mounting through racor and brass nut of 3/4’’, Ø60 mm or other sizes fitting pieces if ordered.

Cast iron and aluminum bases. Columns. Masts. Conventional column. Streetlights. Classic lampposts. Designer lampposts. LED technology streetlights. Stems. Crosier. Poles. Chandeliers. Functional columns. Ornamental columns. Decorative columns. Tall columns. Public lighting supports. Mixed columns. Column on wall. Finishes. Chapiter. Column terminal. Ball terminal. Pineapple Terminal. Column coupling to lantern. Column adapter plate. Anchor bolt. Eighth-Century Column. Castilian column. Eve Column. Marine Column. Carthusian Column. Villa Column. False Column Villa. Orange Column. Walk Column. Calatrava Column. Station Column. Avenue Column. Conservative Column. Iberian Column. Fisherman Column. Ferdinand VII Column. Gran Via Column. Bay Column. Bailen II Column. Historical Column. Moon Column. Bailen I Column. Square Column. Soul Column. Angel Column. Mistral column. Column lives. Lift Column. Rome column. West Column. Romantic column. Port Column. Estuary Column. Classic Column. Mountain Column. Pergola Column. Teleno Column. Selene Column. Fortress Column. Ribera Column. Chistu Column. Sienna column. Laurel Column. Clarisse Column. Florian column. Column Enola. Imperial column. Boulevard Column. Mara Column. Column Court. Florida Column. Column Epoch. Alphonsine Column. Spur Column. North Column. Park Column. Loop Column. Daphne Column. Alois Column. Column Coast. Florida Column. Alcazar Column. Monumental Column. Round Column. Palace Column. Mermaid Column. Fountain Column. Albatros Column. Dolphin Column. Imperial cruiser. Palace Cruise.